WEINIG Rondamat series: The universal grinding machines for the highest level of precision in production.

In the Rondamat series, WEINIG provides a tailor-made tool grinding machine program to meet individual demands and circumstances - from manual machines to fully automatic. The common feature of all models is the exceptional precision and they are all built according to the same high quality standards as the WEINIG moulders. So it is certainly not by change that most sharpening services work with WEINIG Rondamats nowadays.

Whether hard or soft wood, chipboards, MDF or synthetic material are being processed - you can count on Rondamat. The appropriate grinding wheel can produce and sharpen HSS as well as Stellite or carbide knives. A comprehensive range of options also allows it to profile and grind tools for special productions, such as shaft tools.

WEINIG Rondamatserie

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WEINIG Rondamat 985


Highest precision for sharpening planing cutterheads

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WEINIG Rondamat 960

WEINIG Rondamatserie

Do-it-yourself precision tool-grinding

  • High precision grinding
  • High level of repetition precision
  • Can be adjusted flexibly to the parameters of the tool
  • Coordination of the machine technology to the customer requirements
  • Highly user-friendly
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WEINIG Rondamat 1000 CNC

WEINIG Rondamatserie

The CNC tool grinder for added value

  • Fully automatic grinding of a profile from a straight knife blank
  • High-precision grinding
  • Considerable saving of time
  • High level of repetition precision
  • High ease of use
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WEINIG Rondamat 980

WEINIG Rondamatserie

The fully automatic grinding machine for tools for planing, profiling and finger jointing

  • Fully automatic grinding
  • Wide range of application
  • High precision grinding
  • Coordination of the machine technology to the customer requirements
  • Highly user-friendly
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Latest news

Fully automated tool production

The new Rondamat 1000 CNC is designed for fully-automated grinding of profiling cutterheads and straight planing heads up to a tool width of 360 mm.